07 August 2009

Quick Tip Follow-Up

In my post on London Broil I showed you how to take a cheap, tough cut of meat and make it as tender and delicious as an expensive steak. Here's a quick tip for another tough, cheap cut of meat. Buy some lean (or not) stew meat. It comes together in a package for about $5, sometimes less. One pack will more than feed 2 people, two smaller packs will feed a family of four with leftovers. Treat it the same way you did the London Broil--marinate the stew meat in homemade Italian dressing for two days. After the first day cut up as many green peppers (or yellow, or red, or orange) and onions that you like and marinate them in a plastic bag with more homemade Italian dressing. After the second day, alternate the meat an veggies on skewers...

and grill! Easy peasy.

I neglected to take a picture of the shish kabob on a plate, sorry. I thought about not posting, but it's just such an easy idea for a cheap, awesome meal. We had some leftover skewers, so we added some shrimp to the grill. We just seasoned them with a little Old Bay. And for those of you who are watching your carbs...this whole meal is low carb and low on the glycemic index.


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