28 July 2009

London Broil

London Broil has a reputation for being a tough cut of meat, but it can be as tender as an expensive steak. Add that to it being super inexpensive and you have the makings of an impressive, flavorful meal. You will need to grill it, though. I don't have any idea how to bake it to get the same results. To get it really tender you also need to plan it a couple of days before. But we are talking less than $10 to feed a family of four. As anyone who has to watch their budget knows, meat is expensive. London Broil is the perfect choice when you want to feel like you are splurging on a decadent meal, but are feeling the pinch of the economy.

You will need:

one London Broil (Top Round Roast)
Italian dressing (I highly recommend Good Seasons mix)
plastic bag

Since I keep mentioning my preference for Good Seasons Italian dressing I figured I should post some pictures of how easy it is to make.

You will need:

Good Seasons Italian dressing envelope (about $2 for 2)
1/4 cup vinegar (white or apple cider)
3 T water
1/2 cup oil (your choice)

Mix the vinegar and water in a bowl or bag. I think the recipe actually calls for apple cider vinegar, but I used white. (I had just made BBQ sauce and used up all my cider vinegar. I buy white in monster bottles for $1 and put it in everything. I put a T in pots that I am soaking, 2 T in the laundry and it whitens better than Oxy Clean, and it is indispensable for cleaning the coffee pot.) Add the envelope of seasoning.

Mix thoroughly.

Now add the oil and mix.

Pour over whatever you want to marinade or use in salads. It's fantastic!! It also comes with two in a box with a cruet. The bottle actually has lines for the vinegar, water, and oil, no measuring. I have about six cruets, but use them for other things. (homemade vanilla, cinnamon, taco seasoning that was bought in bulk, etc.)

Now here comes the prep time--you will need to marinate this guy for two days. Yep, two. You can grill it after one and it will be tasty and delicious, but give it the full two days and you won't be sorry. So tender, so juicy. You'll think you are dining in the finest of restaurants with expensive meat. Trust me. (Flip the bag a couple of times a day to keep the marinade evenly covered over the meat.)

Grill your London Broil on medium heat (away from the direct heat) for 7 minutes per side, 5-6 minutes if you have a thin cut, 8 minutes if you like less pink in your meat.

Let it sit for a full 15 minutes. If you cut into it before that you will lose all of your great juices and end up with dry meat. That's a hard and fast rule that applies to all meat. Leave it alone and let it rest for 15 minutes.

The last, but very important part of having London Broil is cutting it on the diagonal against the grain. This step makes the London Broil super tender. It can be unchewable if you don't cut on the diagonal. Turn your steak at a 45 degree angle and slice thinly.

Don't be surprised if you family groans in pleasure at the flavor of this meal. Pretend you spent a ton of money on the cut of meat, exaggerate how long it took to prepare, and give your self a pat on the back for being cheap and easy...wait, that didn't sound right! The meal is cheap and easy, not you. Buy yourself a little something for spoiling your family on a budget! :)



Jellybean said...

Oh! you made my day! For someone who normally doesn't cook beef (because I don't know how), this sounds like the easiest, most wonderful recipe! Thank you a million times! My only concern is that I don't have a grill, and I'm assuming a George Foreman won't be the same. Must find grill. <3

Sunshine Mom said...

You are so welcome! I looked online...you can broil the meat in the oven for about 8 minutes on each side. Just put the rack about 3 inches from the broiler on high. I am sure it will be just as good!