10 September 2009

Chicken Pot Pie

One of the girls' favorite books when they were little was Moostache. I loved reading it to them, too. Really, really fun. The main character is a moose with an unruly mustache that he tries to tame. Every plan seems "so simple. So easy. So perfectly perfect." It's become a family mantra. This recipe epitomizes Moose's refrain. It is easy, it is super simple, and the end result is perfect. :)

You will need:

2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, baked
2 cans of No Salt Added veg-all
2 cans cream of potato soup
2 pie crusts
9-inch deep dish pie pan
Cavender's (optional)

I buy those bags of frozen chicken. It's much cheaper, which is a plus for our strict budget family that goes through so much chicken each week. So I took out two breasts, sprinkled them with Cavender's and baked for 25 minutes on 400.

When the chicken is cool, tear it up into bite size pieces. You can chop it up or cube it if you like that better, but I always tear up my chicken.

Add the two cans of potato soup...

then your veg-all. I don't use canned veggies very often, except for green beans. (Frozen green beans are a nightmare. Why are they sooo bad?) Veg-all is perfect for this easy dish, but feel free to use fresh carrots, celery, potatoes, peas, and a bit of corn. Just saute them until they soften slightly, but still have bite.

Sprinkle with Cavender's. I found a copycat recipe online if you would like to make your own. If you don't have it and don't want to make it, don't worry! Just use salt and pepper to your taste, and give a couple of shakes of onion powder, garlic powder, and parsley.

Mix together and add some milk. Start with a half cup and go from there. You want it to be very creamy, but not wet.

Put a little flour in the bottom of your pie plate so the crust won't stick. I like to use the refrigerated pie crusts, but to make this recipe even easier you could absolutely use those deep dish frozen pie crusts. They come in a package of two and you could use the second one to top the first. Less dishes that way, too. But that's the only time I will ever recommend frozen pie crusts. :)

Place one of your crusts into the pie dish.

Pour your filling into the pie pan...

and top with second crust. I don't bother with making an edge crust for my chicken pot pie. I just tuck the top crust over the bottom and down the side of the pie pan.

Cut a few holes into the top crust to let out the steam. Feel free to get creative. I just sliced a few lines, but I have been known to spell out someone's name.

Bake at 400 for 40 minutes or until filling is bubbly hot and crust is golden brown.

Let it sit for ten minutes and then feast!

My girls devour this dish. Even Tink, who refuses to eat most chicken dishes because we have pet chickens. This pie is perfect the next day, too. I just warm up a piece in the microwave for one minute on high.



Jellybeans said...

Yum! I just made "inside-out chicken pot pie" for dinner yesterday. It's basically the inside of your pie served alongside biscuits. Except instead of cream of potato, I use cream of chicken and just cook it on the stove top. I'll definitely give this a go though. Looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Excellent recipe! So easy, so quick and it looks so tasty!!!