29 October 2009

Recipe Cards

It has always bothered me that anyone who read my recipes and wanted to make them would have to write down the recipes or copy and paste them onto a Word Pad. So, from now on I will be adding recipe cards to all of my posts! You can print the recipe cards and get the recipe on one page (in most cases) without pictures. I will also slowly work my way through adding cards to recipes that have already been posted.

If you like the new recipe cards, let me know! If you hate them, well, let me know about that, too! I love hearing from my readers.


Emily said...

I found your blog, by linking from blog to blog to blog. I absolutely love your recipes! I have tried a few of them (pumpkin cupcakes were AMAZING!!!!) and love the addition of recipe cards! Thanks for your hard work!

Sunshine Mom said...

Yay!! Thanks so much for the sweet comments!!