09 November 2009

Camera's Vacation

My camera is home! No more yellow, fuzzy photos!! Hubby took my camera on a business trip to Belgium and they came home with chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Lots and lots and...ooooo, baby! I have not sampled all of it yet. Some of it I don't even want to unwrap because it is so pretty. I have to think of some out-of-this-world chocolate desserts to make with some of it. But most of it the girls and I will feast on.

I had to look up online what some of these are.

The top left is Dessert 58 which is, "milk chocolate bar filled with almond and cashew nut praline." Sounds amazing!

To the right of that is a Truffle bar. I'll have to fight Tink for those if I want to try them. Truffles are her favorite candy.

Under the truffles is the Double Lait which is, "double Milk chocolate bars filled with hazelnut, almond and cashew nut praline." WOW.

The Melk/Lait bars are milk chocolate. We tried those last night. Does not taste like any milk chocolate I have ever had before--and we lived in Germany for 3 years and I tried a lot of chocolate. As I let it melt on my tongue I thought, "so this is what chocolate is supposed to taste like!"

Obviously this one is dark chocolate. Would be dynamite in a dessert!

This bar is not quite as dark as the previous, just 54%. The smell is intoxicating! The rest are similar, dark or milk chocolates. I am struggling between opening them all up and trying them and saving them. So tempting! The only drawback is that the calories are posted right up front next to the names. I like my caloric count hidden in back under the fold of the wrapper. :)

So glad my camera is home--I can get back to posting! Glad hubby is home, too. ;)

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