17 November 2009

Fall in Florida

My neighbor has a monster grove in their backyard and they sell their oranges, tangerines, honeybells (best fruit on earth), and grapefruit. 10 oranges or 5 grapefruit for $1. A total steal. I bought 10 Amber Sweet oranges and 5 Ruby Red grapefruit today. (When I took these pictures the fruit had only been off the tree for half an hour!)

Amber Sweet oranges are a cross between a Clementine and a Tangelo. They are super sweet and perfect for making fresh juice. They are also smaller than a typical orange.

The retired couple who own the grove are an absolute hoot. The wife always wears a housecoat and the husband has long white hair and matching beard. Sweet as pie. The wife and I had a dickens of a time getting the oranges from the top of the tree because neither of us wanted to climb up the ladder. We ended up just shaking the tree until we got what we needed.

Amber Sweets are shaped a bit like small honeybells. (Honeybells aren't available until January.)

Did I mention how juicy these little buggers are?

Ruby Red grapefruit are sweeter than typical grapefruit and their color is not to be believed.

They have a slight blush to the skin.

Can you believe this color?!!

I'm going to have to walk down and get more.

Today it is 72 and sunny, so after spending some time in the grove I came home and thought I would take some more Florida fall pictures. :)

A bloom from our Hibiscus bush next to the front door,

our banana tree (no bananas yet),

our own Hamlin orange tree (oranges won't be ready until January),

and one very curious chicken named Smores.

Best time of year to live here in Florida. You can laugh at me come June when we are roasting. :)


My Little Space said...

You're soooo lucky to have kind neighbours and those fruits are so juicy fresh lol.

Jellybeans said...

Sunshine Mom, I'm so jealous of your nice weather! We've had a pretty warm fall here in Rochester, NY but not 70s warm. However, I'll be home (Miami) for a little over a week come Saturday so I'll try and soak up as much warmth as I can :)